Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Scotland Woodlawn NA comments on New Scotland traffic

While pleased that there has been a crack-down on speeders and red light ignorers, more long term solutions need to be identified and tried.  Here is a compilation of comments.

1. South Main and New Scotland

Why can't DOT install larger, more visible traffic lights at that intersection, like the ones on Academy by the Albany Academy and on Woodlawn by the ball field.  I think a lot of the reason people cruise through the intersection of Main and New Scotland is the lights are small and not noticeable enough.  I applaud any police effort to ticket drivers at this site, but new, larger signals would help as well.  I also recall a couple years ago when this issue was raised that Jim Sano said the state was conducting a review for a redesign of traffic flow there.  Anybody know what happened to that?  Remember, in Albany Green means sit and wait.

2. New Scotland Ave (NSA) from S. Allen

Just last month I was walking across New Scotland Ave (NSA) from S. Allen on a red light for NSA.  A car blew past and the car's rear view mirror brushed my clothes.  Too many close calls along the entire stretch.

3. Light  @  New Scotland and Glenwood the same  thing....  

Thats the entrance /exit from my driveway..... always have to watch carefully.

It is a problem through out the city!
I personally feel this needs to be a constant and continual action.
I live on the one-way portion of Glenwood or as we residents call it, "Glenwood speedway"
Not only do drivers not do the speed limit (school zone), they race down the block to make the light. This is a completely blind intersection for drivers coming out from Glenwood. So between the drivers speeding down Glenwood and the drivers who run the red light at the intersection of New Scotland, this is a horrific accident waiting to happen.
A few years ago, after witnessing a near accident, I went and spoke with our community police officer, Loren, he said he would look into it...
I even offered my driveway for speed traps like they did in Colonie on Mordella, before they opted to put in speedbumps.
He told me speedbumps were never an option, because it interferes with snow removal! REALLY?!
If speedbumps save just one life and  make it safer for all who live and travel in and around the area, I will shovel the road myself!

This has been going on for YEARS in this city... I have been bitching and complaining since the 90's when I used to walk to work until I was hit by a car at the intersection of Madison and New Scotland that, of course, ran a red light.  I was out of work for 2 months.    Yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Madison and Lake, two cars ran a red light that had been that way for at least 3 seconds... maybe more.    We need camera's on the lights and we need to ticket these folks.  The police simply cannot monitor all of the vehicles that run the lights in this city.  And to that ACLU who opposes the cameras I say... take a hike... we are talking pedestrian and vehicular safety here.    In addition, I can say with certainty that nearly every day the "box" is blocked on the following streets and New Scotland ave at 745 to 800 am... Myrtle and Morris... I certainly would hate to see an emergency vehicle try to navigate these streets at that time.  

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