Thursday, September 20, 2012

League of Women Voter's website

The League of Women Voter's site is up and running.  I checked it out and recommend it to you if you are voting in the General Election November 6.

The way it works is on the first page you type in your address, you are given info on what election districts you are in - important due to all the redistricting and your polling place, in my case, WRONG (St. Teresa of Avila!!) but you are also given hot links to your state's tool for finding your polling place (Mater Christi School for me) - and your voter registration status. I found the most interesting feature to be the build your own ballot option - you are presented with info on all of the candidates (info supplied by the candidates themselves.

It is not too late to register to vote in the general election and remember if you have changed your address, you need to re-register. the site contains links to the NYS site for registering to vote and how to obtain an absentee ballot. 

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