Monday, May 21, 2012

Incident on Ramsey Pl

Hi All,
      Just a reminder to ALL neighbors to be extra vigilant for ANY person going door to door representing themselves as the City Of Albany NY Water Department and /or other agencies. Unfortunately earlier today ,I responded to an elderly lady that resides on Ramsey Pl, who was scammed by two older white males( no age  possibly 50 ish) one heavy set and the other thin build. No further description could be given by the victim. The suspects did identify  themselves as City of Albany Water Dept employees and  from the Albany Fire Dept. They told her that they needed to check her water. Once inside, the victim was distracted by one of the suspects ,while the other rummaged through another room. While inside the room, the suspect stole a large amount of money . Any further details that I get will be passed on asap. Here are some tips to remember. If someone makes you uncomfortable in your/our neighborhood  PLEASE call APD  438-4000!!!

1)  If you are unsure if a solicitor is legitimate, ask for identification verifying that they are employed by the company they claim to work for.  If they don't have any I.D., don't give them any money and tell them to leave.
2)  If solicitor refuses to leave after being asked to, or becomes irate, shut the door.  If they still don't leave, call 911.
3)  If you don't feel comfortable giving the solicitor any money DON'T!  Do not let anyone "guilt" you into giving them money or buying their product.
4)  If you've already purchased something from a solicitor, and have paid by check and no longer feel comfortable with the transaction, cancel the check as soon as possible.
5)  Do not believe stories such as "I live in your neighborhood", or "My car is broken down just around the corner", etc.  If you don't recognize this person as one of your neighbors, they're probably not.  If their car is truly broken down, offer to call them a tow truck.
6)  At no time should you let any of these people in your house! Not even to use the phone.
7)  Do not hire anyone who comes to your door offering to clean your house, do home improvements, etc. and definitely do not give them any money before they do any work!
        Please share information with your neighbors when a suspicious person is in your neighborhood and DON'T give anyone money when you don't feel it's a legitimate cause!

Neighborhood Police Officer
Loren E. Grugan
Upper New Scotland Ave /Woodlawn/ Heldeberg NA

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