Friday, April 27, 2012

Suspicious Activity in S. Main Area

These are two Helderberg communications - I have combined them. the gist of it is, if someone is acting in a suspicious manner, call the police immediately.

 This, I believe, refers to an event on April 18th

Yesterday while my mother-in-law was at our house watching the baby a man came to the door claiming to be from the city and stating their was a complaint about our garbage. He was dressed officially with an ID hung on his shoulder, and he drove a plain black sedan. I confirmed with the City today that he was a fraud. I reported this to the police only to be told that I should have reported it last night when my mother-in-law told me – like there was more they could have done at 6 pm yesterday than 8 am today. They confirmed this person was not with the city and a report should be made immediately. Please pass this along to others in our neighborhood so folks can be warned.

Here is a response from a law enforcement neighbor (he/she did not identify her/himself)
Debra Schramek
HNA Communications Chair

To: Edgecomb and Helderberg Neighborhood Associations
From: A law-enforcement neighbor
RE:  the recent email sent about activity in the South Main area.
    If a suspicious incident occurs, it is ABSOLUTELY essential to contact the police IMMEDIATELY.  In this case, the writer advises that his mother-in-law reported the suspicious activity to him, and he in turn reported it to the police at 8 a.m.
  If this incident were reported when it occurred, officers could have responded and possibly questioned the subject.  The mother-in-law gathered more than enough information for an area patrol to locate the subject and/or vehicle.  If this individual had in fact committed a crime, he may have been caught.  If this individual was planning a crime, he may have thought twice about doing so in this neighborhood or area.  If this subject was planning a burglary or some sort of fraud, it is likely that he has done so in the past, and is still walking our streets.
   Please remember that police are being paid to check on activity such as this.  You are NOT inconveniencing them by reporting incidents at odd hours or that may seem like, "no big deal."   Don't wait until a crime actually happens - don't let you or your neighbors become victims.



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