Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Running in the Helderberg Neighborhood


 I hope you are enjoying this unseasonable weather! I am a Helderberg neighborhood resident, as well as a Behavioral Coach and Run Trainer.  I have put together a fun, beginners program for female runners who want to get fit, while getting social, getting out, and having fun.

 Attached, you will find my flyer.  Deb Schramek, Communications Chair for our neighborhood, has given me your email, and I have attached my flyer with hopes that you will please share it with your community. Since it will be based in the Helderberg neighborhood, I was hoping that New Scotland Woodlawn neighbors would be interested in participating as well.

 Thank you for your help and I wish you a fabulous day! Be well.

Inner Fast Girl 5k Training Flyer

Rebecca Boswell
Behavioral Life/Business Coach & Run Trainer
"Simplicity and Focus Lead to Success" What are you ready for?  Let's make it happen. Personal Blog:

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