Monday, February 20, 2012

Compilation on Cabaret Licensing Draft

The Planning Committee heard public comment last night and no decisions were made on the Cabaret Licensing legislation. The legislation is still undergoing revision. There will be another meeting but it is not scheduled yet. There is an updated Draft and I have attached it here.
Additional information from Jim Sano.

The next meeting is Wednesday February 22 at 5 PM with no public comment at that time, additional comment can be given the next evening at the public comment section of the regular Common Council meeting.  The only somewhat controversial part (misunderstood) is the relation to houses of worship, no church events will be subject to the registering or fee structure, except when a church has a hall and rents it out.  Compliance with the proposed ordinance would be decided on a case by case basis( for places of worship), why the Ordinance even bothered including houses of worship, was because one church was actually running a night club, we shut it down, got sued and won in court and we are now trying to close that loophole.  We are now trying to decide if because of one church's misinterpretation and subsequent non compliant use of their facility we need to actually address the situation through an ordinance.  Nobody is trying to tax, the choir, organist etc. just more misinformation being thrown around

Jim Sano

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