Sunday, September 25, 2011



   Just to let you know there has been a rash of graffiti incidents on Delaware , New Scotland Ave and other various areas in the city over the last one day. At the last unofficial count, there were approximately 36 incidents.If anyone knows anything or witnessed  anything unusual over night please call the APD at 438-4000. We do have some good leads on this unfortunate situation. Please be extra vigilant!

 I would like to commend the graffiti buster crew for taking care of the unfortunate rash of graffitis in and around the neighborhood. They responded early this morning and cleaned up the businesses around Ontario and NSA. If anyone is aware of other graffiti that hasn't been noticed and/or taken care of  please call DGS 434-CITY  and the Police at 438-4000 so that this is taken care of in a timely fashion . i will keep you updated with any arrests that follow. Again, kudos goes out to out Graffiti Crew that work real hard at their job which probably many times goes unnoticed.

Neighborhood Police Officer
Loren E. Grugan
Upper New Scotland Ave /Woodlawn/ Heldeberg NA

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