Saturday, June 25, 2011

UPDATE: Meeting with APD Chief Krokoff Wednesday

Carl Blazejweski made up an announcement for the Wednesday meeting that you can print off and share.

thanks Carl!


Pass the word along to your neighbors.

Hands only CPR

 Violent Crimes are frightening - we are going to hear from the APD on Wednesday about actions we can take to make ourselves safer, but violent crimes are rare and it is a lot more likely that in the course of our lives, we will be in the presence of someone who collapses, a loved one, a neighbor or a stranger. 

This is a new campaign by the American Heart Association. check out the video.
"Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, young or old, at any time. It is a leading cause of death in the U.S., and it happens when the heart abruptly stops.

When an adult collapses, odds are that it’s from sudden cardiac arrest. Odds are also high that if bystanders respond at all, the only thing they will do is call 9-1-1. Medical attention is critical, but bystanders must act first — and fast — because every minute counts.

Even scarier? About 80 percent of victims collapse at home – many times while the victim’s loved ones stand by helplessly because they don’t know what to do.

The good news is that chance of survival more than doubles with immediate and effective CPR. And the American Heart Association is making it easier for people to remember the steps to take in a sudden cardiac emergency with Hands-Only CPR.   

Hands-Only CPR – or CPR without using breaths – involves two simple steps to help an adult cardiac arrest victim:
1)    Call 9-1-1
2)    Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until an AED arrives and is ready for use or healthcare providers take over

Remember the classic Bee Gees disco hit "Stayin' Alive?" It’s the perfect beat for remembering the right rate of chest compressions during Hands-Only CPR. Disco may be dead, but it’s helping keep people alive."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Meeting with APD Chief Krokoff Wednesday

In response to the recent crimes on Oakwood Street, Police Chief Steven Krokoff will address residents on the issues of neighborhood safety and police engagement this Wednesday, June 29th at 7pm at the Hibernian Hall on Ontario street (parking in the rear off Warren St). Talk to your neighbors, please help get the word out about this meeting.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UPDATE: APD Open House / NSW NA discussion of Oakwood events

Our invitation to the APD open house coincided with the NSW NA Board's discussion of convening a neighborhood meeting with the police - to discuss the recent events on Oakwood and our resulting concerns about the safety of our neighborhood.  The open house is from 3-7. If possible, plan to arrive between 5:45 and 6pm because that is when NA Board members will be attending, so if in the discussion with Officer Grugan neighborhood association actions are suggested - they can be expedited. If that time frame is not convenient, go when you can.
Julie Elson

Original Post: APD Open House at the Library,Thursday 06/23/2011

PAID poll inspectors needed for July 19 library budget re-vote

Link to PDF Flyer

Albany Public Library is recruiting people to work as poll inspectors at
a revote of the library’s proposed 2012 budget on Tuesday, July 19,

Poll workers will be paid a total of $200 ($25 for a training session,
$25 food per diem, $150 for the day of the vote).

Hired poll inspectors must:

Attend a training session from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday, July 11, at
the Albany School of Humanities at 108 Whitehall Road
Work at an assigned voting location in the city of Albany from 6:30 a.m.
until 9:30 p.m. on the day of the election, Tuesday, July 19
To be considered for the poll inspector position, applicants must be:

At least 18 years of age
Resident of the city of Albany
Citizen of the United States
A qualified voter (meet the requirements to vote in the city of Albany)
Anyone interested in working as a poll inspector for the Albany Public
Library budget revote on July 19, must contact Catherine Cutting,
District Clerk, City School District of Albany, at 475-6001 extension
10005 or by Friday, July 1.

Questions can also be directed to the library at 427-4305 or

Catherine M. Fahey
Albany Common Council Member, 7th Ward
32 Lawnridge Avenue
Albany, NY 12208

FREE Senior Safety Luncheon Tuesday June 28

There is a FREE luncheon for Seniors at St. Sophia's next Tuesday, June 28 at noon. DA David Soares' S.A.L.T. program, Albany City Police Department and Albany County Adult Protective Services will provide information sessions for seniors that will help keep them safe in the community from abuse, crime and fraud. Reservations should be made by calling 472-5244. Albany City Chief of Police, Steven Krokoff will be there.

Julie E

APD Open House at the Library,Thursday 06/23/2011

Well this is timely, unfortunately.  The Bach branch of the APL provides Officer Grugan with space in which he is holding an open house this Thursday. Lets talk to our Neighborhood Police Officer about the safety of our neighborhood. How do we stand with regards to crime statistics? What we can do? What can  the police do about preventing more of the horrible events of last week?

Julie E